Wool carpets trap airborne dust which is a good thing as it means that dust is not floating that prevents from irritation & allergies. Carpets requires little look after, vacuuming your carpet regularly, especially in high traffic areas with an upright vacuum cleaner is best for cut pile carpets. Move vacuum slow to lift the all dirt out of the pile.

Crushing &


All carpets crush to some degree. As wool has resilience properties , it will not crush by normal traffic level. Regular vacuuming can reduce the crushing effect. The weight of heavy furniture can depress carpet pile over the time. Use furniture glides under furniture legs or sometime re-arranging heavy furniture will avoid depressions.


When a carpet is new, small piles of fiber or balls of fluff may be seems on surface. All wool cut pile carpets shed fiber and create fluff. That is completely normal not a quality issue. Vacuum regular will cease the shedding after few weeks. It does not affect the durability of carpet.

Highlight &


It is common in plusher cut pile carpet to show imprints left by footprints which gives different shades and will be disappear with vacuuming.


In any accidental spills and stains act quickly to avoid permanent mark. Use absorbent paper for liquids. As wool is water repellent it does not absorb liquid quickly. Do not rub carpet pile this can spread the stain further.


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